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managing your documentation projects joann t hackos - managing your documentation projects joann t hackos on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers practical authoritative and the first comprehensive guide tomanaging every phase of your publication project the only bookdevoted exclusively to technical publication project management, information development managing your documentation - a revolutionary new resource that brings documentation product management ideas up to date the 1994 bestselling classic managing your documentation projects set the industry standard for technical documentation however since then much has changed in the world of information development, managing project permissions atlassian documentation - the atlassian community is here for you note that some permissions are dependent upon others to ensure that users can perform the actions needed for example in order for a user to be able to resolve an issue that user must be granted both the transition issue permission and the resolve issue, managing static files e g images javascript css - static file namespacing now we might be able to get away with putting our static files directly in my app static rather than creating another my app subdirectory but it would actually be a bad idea django will use the first static file it finds whose name matches and if you had a static file with the same name in a different application django would be unable to distinguish between them, managing project permissions atlassian documentation - administer projects permission to administer a project in jira this includes the ability to edit a project s workflow under certain conditions and to edit project role membership project components project versions and some project details project name url project lead project description browse projects permission to browse projects use the issue navigator and view, adding and managing products woocommerce docs - adding a product back to top before adding your first product let s get familiar with how product categories tags and attributes work product categories back to top product categories and tags work in much the same way as normal categories and tags you have when writing posts in wordpress, managing application dependencies python packaging user - managing application dependencies the package installation tutorial covered the basics of getting set up to install and update python packages however running these commands interactively can get tedious even for your own personal projects and things get even more difficult when trying to set up development environments automatically for projects with multiple contributors, managing orders woocommerce docs - the next panel on the order page is the order items panel it lists items in the order quantities and prices the editable parts of line items include tax class tax class for the line this may be adjusted if for example the customer is tax exempt, standards and best practices arma international - arma international works hard to continually develop best practices and standards guidelines focused on information management and governance from developing electronic file structures to implementing electronic messaging policies our standards will help guide you and your company toward a secure information system, how to become a successful project manager teamgantt - define scope every project s expectations should be set by a well written scope of work if your company doesn t have documentation to back up a specific project request create it, business chemistry managing risk during turnarounds and - large capital projects such as turnarounds and shutdowns require the management of a vast number of employees and tasks simultaneously at chemical sites where assets are highly complex ensuring that risks are managed properly is of vital importance both to the safety of the workforce and the success of the project as a whole, features the right tools for the job github - code hosting all your code in one place github is one of the largest code hosts in the world with over 100 million projects private public or open source all repositories are equipped with tools to help you host version and release code, managing updates for your azure vm blog microsoft azure - in this blog post i will talk about how to use update management solution to manage updates for your azure vms right from within your azure vm you can quickly assess the status of available updates initiate the process of installing required updates and review deployment results to verify that updates were applied successfully to the vm, beginner s guide to soapui projects soapui - in soapui your work is organized into projects which are displayed under the root node in the workspace navigator a project can contain any number of functional tests load tests and service simulations required for your testing purposes, microsoft azure documentation microsoft docs - learn how to build and manage powerful applications using microsoft azure cloud services get documentation example code tutorials and more, managing gunicorn processes with supervisor onur g zel - last week i have written a post about gunicorn applications we started gunicorn manually and our application worked yay however everything is not so great when if the server reboots gunicorn must be started manually again