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a billion bootstraps microcredit barefoot banking and - a bold manifesto by two business leaders a billion bootstraps shows why microcredit is the world s most powerful poverty fighting movement and an unbeatable investment for your charitable donations a billion bootstraps unearths the roots of the microcredit revolution revealing how the pioneering work of people such as dr muhammad yunus winner of the 2006 nobel peace prize is giving hope to, microfinance for bankers and investors understanding the - double bottom line business socially responsible success as an industry with annual growth rates of 30 percent over the past six years microfinance is becoming one of the best avenues for achieving what every investor wants sustainable investment opportunities for long term growth and dramatic increases in market share, enrichment com enrich your life enrich our world - we are a news informational and inspirational portal that speaks to the nobility of the human spirit to the real possibility that through the power of intention choice and faith humankind can build a more creative compassionate world filled with unlimited hope promise and fulfillment for every man woman and child on our planet